CASE: How to increase the company’s sales by more than 400% with the help of email marketing

The client who already had an email address base turned to us, but the channel still had losses because it brought only 1-2 sales per month.

We did the analysis, made the action algorithm, and began the work of the email marketing of this project.

The number of sales through the channel before the start of cooperation: 1-2 for a month.

The result of cooperation: 420% increase in sales through the channel.

Our actions

Introduction of promotional mailings for the holidays and events (the presentation of new smartphones, Halloween, Black Friday etc.). Parallelly we began the launch of transaction letters.

Implementation period: 1 month.

Result: a 12-fold increase in sales.

The introduction of the weekly newsletter with informative texts from the company’s blog, full launch of transactions mails, and greeting letters accompanying a user for the first 5 days after registration (1 letter per day).

Implementation period: 1 month.

Result: 300% increase in sales compared to the previous month.

The introduction of new letters: users receive letters once for 2-3 weeks with information about current proposed promotions. As part of the segmented mailing, customers received emails with information about products in the upper price range.

Result: the average check increased by 40% and the total increase in company profits by 400%.

With the introduction of the reactivation series, with it we get back 10% users who stopped interactions with company mailings.

Result: increased sales by 20% and total sales by 18%..



While working on this project, we transformed the unprofitable channel into the profit channel and increased the total sales by 420%.


The correct setting of the email newsletter will become an effective tool for promoting your company and its products in the networks and transforming your email into a more effective communication channel with users.

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