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SEO for the construction company

We've doubled the visibility and number of key queries
за якими on which the site ranks.

Incoming data


Struсtum – construction company, the general contractor in the fields of electricity and industrial construction


To increase the site's visibility in Google search results and the share of non-branded organic traffic


Three months


  • project manager
  • SEO specialist
  • copywriter
  • editor


comprehensive internal and external SEO site. We researched the niche and analyzed competitors. A promotion plan was based on the data which we received.


Internal SEO

External SEO

we conducted an in-depth technical audit of the site;

corrected technical errors that occurred during the site's development and content;

the site's semantic core was formed;

optimized the landing pages of services: wrote and posted texts.

we optimized the site's link profile;

wrote and posted press releases on authoritative thematic resources;

posted a crowd link (in reviews and recommendations).


Thanks to SEO, the number of key queries on which the project is ranked has increased by 56%, and visibility has doubled.

The screenshots show the three monthly results.

  • Backlinks — 109%
  • Donor domains — 322%
  • Keywords — 56%
  • Organic traffic — 104%

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