Case: Advertising on Google Ads for mobile application of taxi service

Reached the reducing of conversion cost and the increasing of conversions by 7.76%

Input data


the mobile application of taxi service in Sloviansk and Sviatohirsk Taxi 3202


2 months


  • Setting up advertising for app on Google's most popular resources, including Search, Google Play, Google Search Tips, Google Display Network, and YouTube.
  • Achieving maximum number of conversions.
  • Reducing conversion's cost.

The start of work

Launching campaigns

identified key USP for target audience, prepared CTA;

created the campaign to promote the application;

prepared creatives in company's corporate style;

created ads, added text, graphics and video objects.


chek-white_50px (2)

In the first month, we received 335 downloads of the application..

chek-white_50px (2)

The conversion price for the first month of work was UAH 8.91.


Optimization of advertising campaigns

rewrote ineffective creatives in ad objects;

adjusted budgets and bids.


In the second month, the number of conversions increased by 7.76%. The conversion price in the second month was UAH 8.27.


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