Targeting on social networks is a special advertising mechanism which allows you to select from the entire audience only the target audience (TA) and show ads exactly to her.

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Goals of targeted advertising
in social networks

Attracting target audience

Professional customization allows you to show your ads to users who are truly interested in your product.

Optimization of advertising budget

This type of advertising is considered both the most inexpensive and the most effective way to promote, because it helps to increase the flow of customers, even with a small budget. By having identified the TA as accurately as possible, you will be able to reduce your advertising budget and get the desired results. In addition, the presence of the company's website is not required for this type of promotion.

Growth of sales rates

As targeting allows you to share your offer with as many interested users as possible, you'll get a higher conversion rate. As a result, sales are growing and profits' rates are increasing steadily.

Online brand popularization

Targeting allows not only to promote the company's product, but share new products as well, talk about interesting promotions and offers, the principles of the company and its life in general. Consumers value the openness of the brand and follow the activities of such companies with special interest.

Targeted advertising service includes:

Audit of your accounts.

To successfully launch targeting, it is important to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your social media profiles.

Creating a detailed portrait of your target audience and choosing a platform for further targeting on social networks.

With the help of web analytics, experts determine the gender, age, geolocation of your customers, their interests and tastes. This helps to identify the audience interested in your products or services as accurately as possible, to understand their behavioral benefits and, therefore, to choose a platform for further SMM promotion.

Work on creating a brand advertising strategy.

Targeting requires a thorough approach. For effective promotion, it is important to carefully consider the content that will attract attention and be well remembered by potential customers, but will not be intrusive.

Development of advertising materials.

Targeting requires several different options for text and image creatives that will be used in testing ads and the advertising campaign itself.

Setting up advertising campaign and implementing integration of requests is one of the most important steps.

If you want the content to be seen by those people who can become potential customers of the brand, it is important to make all the settings as accurately as possible.

Campaign testing and optimization.

After the launch of ads, it is important to monitor the reaction of users and quickly make adjustments to the campaign settings depending on the preferences of the target audience. This will allow to improve the results and achieve maximum performance.


After the optimization phase, you can start scaling the campaign, which, in fact, will help to achieve the planned sale rates.

Conducting a report on the done work and its subsequent presentation to the client is a mandatory stage of each campaign.

It is important that the marketer or business owner understand the effectiveness of each specific marketing action as accurately as possible. This makes it possible to choose the most effective promotion method for their business, be it targeting or any other, thereby optimizing the company's advertising budget.


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Professional setting up of targeted advertising will help to achieve the desired results in the short term. Entrepreneurs often try to set up online advertising themselves, believing that it will help to reduce costs, but in most cases they get the opposite result. If you do not want to spend money in vain and want to increase sales in a short period of time, you should order targeting from professionals.

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By ordering targeting from Lanet CLICK, you'll get:

unique advertising strategy;

attracting target audience;

increasing brand awareness;

loyalty of both regular and new customers;

increasing the flow of customers and increasing sales;

advertising budget optimization;

regular reports: we track traffic and conversions from the targeting channel, namely: CPC (cost per click); CPO (cost per order), CPL (cost per lead) and CPI (cost per install).

You can order targeting in our agency at a bargain price. With Lanet CLICK, you will be able to tell about your product to all interested users, bring the business to a qualitatively new level and take a leading position in the market.

Targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Targeted advertising on Facebook

The main features of advertising on Facebook.

This social network shows ads that are relevant to the interests of visitors, excluding aggressive promotion of brands, products or services. Users can control the ad they see with the «Hide» or «I don’t want to see it» settings and the button «Why do I see it». Currently, the system of targeted settings here is one of the most functional and detailed: the advertiser can use not only the classic filters (age, gender, place of residence), but narrower as well (interests, hobbies, behavioral factors). For example, FB knows and uses unique demographic filters: wedding, anniversary, away from home and others. The social network also offers various formats for displaying information: on a computer, mobile phone.

Targeted advertising on Instagram

This type of advertising is suitable for businesses that can beautifully and stylishly design their visual content.

Users of this network perceive information on emotions, they can be bribed with bright, juicy pictures and short interesting stories. It is a great channel for building an image and reputation, for example, for photographers, confectioners, beauticians, bloggers, tour operators and many other professions. Age of the main audience of the channel: from 16 to 35 years. You can set up targeted advertising on Instagram through the commercial account cabinet in the mobile application of the service, or through the advertising account on the Facebook social network.

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Advantages of targeted advertising

As we've seen, targeting helps to set up advertising campaigns to the customer's specific needs, based on his social status, interests, location, search queries, hobbies, and more. This makes the effectiveness of targeted advertising very high. In addition to this main advantage, Lanet CLICK offers:

Full support during the advertising campaign.

Assistance in set up, writing, designing and editing advertisements.

Instant launch of targeted advertising after payment.

Ability to run multiple advertising campaigns on social networks at the same time.

Providing statistics on the settings, effectiveness and results of targeting on Instagram and Facebook.

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What is targeted advertising?

Targeted advertising is a type of advertising aimed exclusively at the target audience, which meets the set of requirements set by the advertiser. SMM specialists detect TAs based on publicly available information in users' profiles and customize ads that accurately hit the target.

What is the price of targeted advertising in Ukraine?

Targeted advertising is one of the most affordable ways of online promotion. The cost of targeted advertising depends on many factors, but you can set up effective targeting with budgets of completely different sizes.

Who needs targeted advertising?

Targeted advertising allows you to attract numerous customers interested in your products and services. Accordingly, increase sales rate while reducing the advertising budget.

What are the advantages of targeted advertising?

Targeted advertising allows you to attract many customers interested in your products and services. Accordingly, increase sales rate while reducing the advertising budget.

You can order an individual consultation to learn more about setting up ads and the price of the service.

Types of targeting

Service prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
1Targeted advertisingfrom 6000from 16000
2Running an ad on Facebookfrom 6000from 16000
3Setting up Instagram adsfrom 6000from 16000
4Advertising in LinkedInfrom 8000from 20000
5Lead generationfrom 6000from 16000

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1. Why do you need to promote your business on social networks?
Promotion and advertising on Instagram, promotion and advertising on Facebook increase brand awareness, help to form a positive image, make it possible to communicate with the audience directly and even promote a brand or product without a website. Thanks to a number of free promotion methods and cheap advertising, social networks allow even projects with a small budget to develop relatively quickly.
2. What is included in the targeted advertising service?
It is widely believed that the service of targeted advertising involves only defining the audience and making the necessary settings, but this is not so. As part of the service, specialists carry out preparatory processes and develop a promotion scheme, after which they begin to set up the advertising campaign.
3. How much does it cost to set up targeted advertising?
It is impossible to determine the exact cost of setting up targeted advertising, as it depends on many factors, including the choice of social network for advertising. For example, Instagram ads, Facebook ads, and TikTok ads will cost differently. The price also depends on such factors as customization criteria, features of the target audience, level of competition, conversion rate, etc.
4. Who needs targeted advertising?
Targeted advertising is an effective tool for business promotion, regardless of its specificity and scale. It is successfully used by both giant companies and micro-businesses offering various services and products. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to correctly develop a strategy and choose a social network for advertising based on the characteristics of your target audience. Targeted and contextual advertising will help you increase brand awareness and sales of your company.
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