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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. By the end of 2020 it has almost 1.2 billion users. In Ukraine, Instagram is among three top leaders with an audience around 10 million people. With such scales, Instagram is a perfect platform for business development.

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Entrepreneurs in particular can increase sales of goods or services, find new clients, form a positive brand image with the help of social network. Additionally, you can promote company on Instagram even without a physical shop or website. One profile can be enough for the beginning. However, independent maintaining a page on your own can be time-consuming. In addition, the account has a chance to get lost among competitors. Therefore, for fast and effective Instagram promotion, you should use advertising.

How does Instagram advertising work

There are two types of Instagram advertising



In case of first option, you need to study your target audience and while setting up an advertising campaign specify its parameters — interests, age, gender, place of residence. With the help of this data, the social network searches for the needed users and shows ads to them, not randomly.

To buy advertising from bloggers, you need a preliminary analysis of the audience as well — to choose an influencer who has credibility among the needed subscribers. Before buying advertising on Instagram from a blogger, you need to look at the number of his subscribers and the percentage of involvement. The better they are, the higher will be the price of influencer's Instagram advertising. You should also check that his values ​​match the position of your brand in order not to get into a confusing situation. However, the price of influencer's Instagram advertising depends not only on the number of subscribers, but outreach as well.

Whom and when will suit Instagram advertising

In Ukraine, Instagram is mostly used by people under 35. Their share in terms of users is about 70%. At the same time, 60% of Ukrainian Instagram audience is women. Therefore, services and products for young people, especially for girls, are well promoted in this social network — clothes and jewelry, goods for recreation and tourism, cosmetics, furniture and decor, educational courses, sports services, job search, things for children and more. However, for any subject, you can choose effective visual solutions that will catch the eye and, at the same time, reflect the specifics of the business, helping it to develop.

Instagram also works well as a reputable channel and is suitable for companies that, for example, provide construction and repair services or develop applications. Therefore, the decision to buy Instagram advertising for such niches will be optimal as well.

In addition, all popular social networks are a great platform to generate demand for a new product. If your product or service is not a matter of interest to search engines because it is unique, advertising on Facebook or Instagram will allow customers to learn about it, and thus the company will get the first customers.

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Formats of Instagram advertising

There can be such formats of Instagram advertising:

Photo. Instagram is a social network attended first of all in search of interesting, bright and fascinating images. Such ad format is presented as a square, horizontal or vertical advertisement with quality and conceptual photo.

Video. A memorable short video (up to 1 minute) can tell about goods or services. Advertising video is often downloaded in square format but Instagram supports other aspect ratio as well.

Circle gallery. This is an advertisement that is presented like a carousel of images. It can promote groups of different goods or presents to the audience one product from different sides. Also, circle advertisement can be storytelling in pictures. The main thing is that the story fits in 10 photos, because this is the maximum number of pictures in the carousel.

Stories. Advertisement on Instagram stories is shown to users when they look through stories of followed people. According to statistics, users first of all watch stories, and then, if they have time and inspiration, look through feed. Due to this advertisement on Stories is very effective. Often for stories format it is necessary to use vertical image or video with timing up to 2 minutes.

IGTV. Advertisement on IGTV appears when people push on link to watch the full version of the video from preview in the feed. The maximum timing of the video is 15 seconds.


How much does Instagram advertising cost: prices in 2021

It is impossible to specify the exact prices of Instagram advertising. After all, the cost of Instagram advertising depends on various factors, in particular, the purpose, type, format. For example, targeted Instagram advertising in Ukraine will cost at least 1 USD per day and will reach up to 1000 users. However, it is important to properly customize advertising for your target audience, otherwise the money will be wasted. Therefore, many companies address digital agencies to make their promotion on Instagram effective. And SMM specialists analyze competitors, make a detailed portrait of target audience, offer the optimal format and relevant, bright post for advertising, so that it accurately achieves the desired result.

How to order Instagram advertising

If you are going to start off Instagram advertising — address to Lanet CLICK digital agency. Our SMM managers will create and set up effective Instagram advertising in Kyiv or any other settlement. To find out the prices of Instagram advertising of your company — leave a request on the site and our manager will contact you.

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1. Who needs advertising on Instagram?
Targeted advertising on the Instagram social network is most effective for companies that offer visualized products or services to their audience. This advertising platform is suitable for restaurants, bars and cafés, tour operators and travel agencies, gyms and trainers who conduct online training, as well as for companies that sell goods for children, for hobbies and crafts, furniture and home decor, clothing and accessories, watches and jewelry, and many other brands with attractive products.
2. How does Instagram advertising work?
Advertising on Instagram allows you to customize the target audience for displaying advertising materials with high precision. The social network offers advertisers many options for settings, which allows you to choose users who are interested in your product or service. To achieve maximum effectiveness, you can supplement promotion on Instagram with other types of advertising on social networks - for example, launch advertising on Facebook. To order both a separate service and a comprehensive promotion, leave a request for a consultation with a specialist.
3. What determines the cost of advertising on Instagram?
The cost of advertising on Instagram is determined individually for each client and depends on many factors. In particular, such factors as the purpose, type, and format of promotional materials affect the final cost of the service. To determine an approximate advertising budget, you should contact specialists. Our experts will conduct a detailed analysis of your project and its competitors, after which they will offer the best advertising option for your business.
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