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Today, there are many different ways to promote companies that sell services and goods. Among all their diversity, one of the most effective methods is various types of targeted advertising on social networks.

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Social networks have ceased to be exclusively a platform for communication with friends and have become an excellent platform for promoting and developing business. By properly using the opportunities of social networks, you can significantly increase sales, attract new customers, improve brand awareness and increase the level of trust in network users.

In turn, each of the most popular platforms now has its distinctive features, which an experienced specialist skillfully uses to achieve the best results in brand promotion. In particular, targeted advertising on Facebook is a personalized tool that aims to interact with the target audience and has many significant benefits. This social network is one of the undisputed leaders among all such platforms in Ukraine.

How do Facebook ads work

Targeted advertising on Facebook opens up many business opportunities, but this requires a proper setup procedure. First of all, it is necessary to understand the basic principles of its work.

Thus, the advertising campaign on the social network involves placing ads using Ads manager — Facebook advertising cabinet. First, you need to create this cabinet and a new business page if necessary. This account will be used to target potential customers from the ads placed.

Next, you need to make settings for the advertising campaign, taking into account the specifics of the business. This approach will make Facebook advertising the most effective tool for promoting your business. This functionality of the Facebook advertising cabinet allows you to show the created ads to not all users. Advertising will be available to users who are interested in similar services and products and who may be interested in your offer. To avoid missing any important details at this stage, you should seek professional help. The specialist will make settings as precise as possible according to your requirements and expectations.

Who should advertise on Facebook

To understand whether it is worth ordering advertising on Facebook for your business, you should understand the specifics of this method of promotion. It will fit you and show great results if your specialization is in one of the following niches:

conducting various training, thematic seminars, and training courses that require audience gathering;

services (applies to almost all possible types);

conducting concerts on any subject and similar events;

sale of goods aimed mainly at "female" audiences — it can be clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, etc.

different offline points of sale (all kinds of shops, beauty salons, garages, car washes, catering establishments, etc.) that seek to increase their attendance;


Also, note that targeted advertising on Facebook is an ideal method to increase the recognition of a company name, brand, or trademark, which will constantly appear before the eyes of potential customers. In addition, setting up advertising on Facebook is ideal for those business niches, the demand for which is low in search engines, while in social networks is high enough.


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Facebook Ads Features

Advertising on Facebook has key features that distinguish it from promotion on Facebook:

Higher probability of new customers due to less competition.

Reasonable cost of advertising compared with campaigns in some search engines.

The ability to most accurate settings for ads with knowledge of your target audience and distinguishing it among all users.

Multiformat advertising, which increases its final effectiveness.

Several payment options that depend on the advertiser's goals.


Types of Facebook advertising

Advertising on Facebook has several main varieties:

The best of the proposed advertising options for your business is determined by a specialist individually.

How much does Facebook advertising cost?

Before launching an advertising campaign on Facebook, every business owner wants to determine the profitability of its implementation. In turn, for a detailed study of the financial side of the issue, it is necessary to understand how much advertising on Facebook costs and what benefits it can bring in the future.

The cost of advertising on Facebook is formed based on several important factors. The final price of such service consists of two main parts: one-time payment for setting up advertising and paying Facebook for showing the ad to be advertised. To find out the approximate price for such a service in Kyiv or another city in Ukraine, you can consult with the manager and discuss all the details that interest you. In addition to Facebook advertising campaigns, our specialists also set up advertising on Instagram, which will enhance the effect and significantly increase sales.

Services prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
Advertising on Facebookfrom 6000from 16000
Launching ads on Instagram from 6000from 16000
Running an ad on LinkedInfrom 8000from 20000
Lead generationfrom 6000from 16000

How to order advertising on Facebook

If you have decided to launch your advertising campaign on Facebook but do not know where to start, experienced specialists of our digital agency in Kyiv will come to your aid! All you need to do is leave your contact details in a field on this page and wait for feedback from the manager, or contact the specialists at the contact numbers listed on the site.

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1. Who needs advertising on Facebook?
Promotion on social networks today is an integral part of the marketing strategy for effective advertising of various companies and brands. Among all possible methods, which include advertising on Instagram and other social networks, promotion on Facebook is suitable for almost any type of business – both B2B and B2C companies specializing in different types of activities.
2. How does Facebook advertising work?
Targeted advertising on Facebook is characterized by the ability to select the audience for displaying ads as accurately as possible, choosing among all users those who will be most interested in the offer. This social network has extensive settings to create the most accurate advertising to work with the most interested target audience with high efficiency.
3. What determines the cost of advertising on Facebook?
Advertising on Facebook works on the principle of an auction, so the cost of this service depends on the customer's budget, and the price per result depends on the chosen bidding strategy. In this social network, it is possible to independently choose the amount that the customer is ready to allocate for promotion, starting from the minimum budget and constantly increasing it. The final cost of targeted advertising on Facebook consists of two components – the total cost and the price per result.
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