The meaning of the terms lead and lead generation

Lead generation is a type of lead management which purpose is to find and get contacts of potential clients who can order necessary services for the best price. But to find out what lead generation is, we need to find out what the term lead means.

The lead term describes a client who has shown purchasing interest in your goods. For example, filled in a questionnaire, ordered a callback or registered to participate in the event.

It works like this: a person sees an ad on the Internet, clicks on it, goes to the appropriate website, is interested in the product and leaves in a particular form his contact information (phone number, e-mail, address, etc.). Then the company's sales department contacts the client and clarifies the details, price and places an order.

A lead is a potential, not an actual customer, an interested person.

Based on this, lead generation is a type of Internet marketing based on the generation (receipt) of leads (contact information of potential customers).

All companies with direct sales which want to increase sales and plan to optimize their business processes in this area need lead generation. This method allows you to make all marketing activities as effective as possible, aimed at the website's potential customers.

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Lead generation methods

Online lead generation tools


Lead generation with the help of a website.

For example, websites set up call-back or consultation forms, subscription forms, newsletters, etc.


Lead generation with the help of social networks.

It is necessary to publish relevant content, involve potential customers in the discussion, promptly respond to inquiries and ask to leave your email to receive leads. You can also use the Generation of Leads format on Facebook and Instagram, allowing users to fill in the form directly on the social network.


Lead generation with the help of social networks.

It is necessary to publish relevant content, involve potential customers in the discussion, promptly respond to inquiries and ask to leave your email to receive leads. You can also use the Generation of Leads format on Facebook and Instagram, allowing users to fill in the form directly on the social network.


Lead generation with the help of email newsletter and messengers.

It is suitable for working with leads obtained from the official website or Landing Page. At this stage, you can tell the potential buyer more about the product's benefits, work with objections, personalize mailings, and run automatic funnels and smart bots in social network messengers (Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook).

How much does one lead cost

The price of one lead for the customer depends on many factors and should be discussed individually by the business owner and lead manager. It depends on:

  • business area;
  • competition level in a particular industry;
  • city or region of promotion;
  • advantages and potential disadvantages of the product;
  • business scope;
  • product prices;
  • seasonality of demand, etc.

Based on these reasons, it isn’t easy to accurately name lead cost before testing a business by the lead manager. The price varies from $0.1 to $170 for one lead.

What is the Cost per Lead

Speaking of lead price, it is important to mention a common abbreviation as CPL (Cost per Lead) — a fee for lead.

Cost per Lead is a payment model for a request or call from the website, registration, subscription, etc. It is commonly referred to as an online lead generation.

Conventionally, leads can be divided into three types:

  • сold — those who do not know anything about you and are not ready to buy something;
  • warm — those who have heard something about you and already understand what you offer;
  • hot — those who are willing to buy.

How does the lead manager work

A lead manager performs lead generation work. In stages, it looks like this:
contact with the customer (meeting, call)
discussion of order details;
collection of information about the product or service on the website (customer survey on the strengths and weaknesses of the product, possible discounts, promotions, etc.);
development of a strategy and plan for lead generation with the involvement of the maximum number of potential customers;
strategy testing (e.g., website launch and resource tracking, average leads and lead pricing);
concluding a contract (it indicates the number of leads, the price for each and the timing of the task);
customer and lead manager communicate with each other from time to time: the manager provides leads and receives payment for it, and the customer — clients and increase sales.

On what does the success of a lead generation campaign depend

For successful work, you need to:

  • create a professional promo page (landing page that motivates the user to act — buy a ticket, subscribe to the newsletter, etc.);
  • well-chosen ads that lead to the landing page;
  • determine the sources of traffic to the website (selected according to the characteristics and preferences of the target audience).

In addition, during personal interaction with customers (events, calls), the important role play:

  • conversation's script thoughtfulness;
  • mail's text;
  • marketing contact lists of target audiences.

You can get sales thanks to leads if:

  • lead has high quality (it meets the target audience and qualification criteria);
  • specialists have sales skills and motivation to work well;
  • optimized process of quality control of lead processing.

Lead generation advantages

Ability to track advertising costs, clearly formulate a budget and track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
Ability to weed out a non-target audience without bringing the case to a certain sales funnel stage. The manager will not waste time but will work with the interested in the offer client.

Ability to build communication with the client for many years and maintain a base of potential customers. Lead generation is especially relevant for complex and expensive products.
Advertisers pay only for qualified registration, no matter how many displays or clicks their ads receive.

CPL advertising allows potential advertisers to earn a guaranteed return on their online advertising money.
With the help of CPL, you can easily calculate the conversion of costs and revenue (conversion in Internet marketing means the ratio of the number of visitors to the web resource who performed the targeted actions to the total number of website visitors, expressed in %).


Well-thought-out and systematic lead generation helps to optimize business processes, make all marketing activities as effective as possible and attract potential customers to the website as soon as possible.

You can order lead generation services at the best price in Kyiv and Ukraine at full-cycle digital agency Lanet CLICK.

We monitor all processes within the framework of our agreements with you and are responsible for meeting deadlines and commitments.

The price of lead generation is discussed individually and depends on the goals and complexity of the project.

Services prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
Lead generationfrom 6000from 16000
Targeted advertising on Facebookfrom 6000from 16000
Targeted advertising on Instagram from 6000from 16000
LinkedIn advertising setup services from 8000from 20000

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1. Why is lead generation important?
Lead generation is an effective marketing tactic aimed at attracting potential customers and getting their contacts, as well as stimulating their interest in a product or service to drive sales. The constant attraction of leads (customers who show buying interest) is necessary for every company to maintain its position in the market, increase the customer base and develop its business.
2. What is the difference between lead generation and contextual advertising?
When you order a contextual advertising service, you pay for impressions or clicks, regardless of how many leads they bring. In turn, the lead generation service involves payment only for leads, which is a more rational budget expenditure. What is the difference between lead generation and contextual advertising? In addition, the advantage of lead generation is the increase in the effectiveness of advertising, the obligation to bring profit (target customers), as well as the coverage of different traffic sources, and the use of various methods to obtain target visitors (lead generation in social networks, Google Ads settings, content marketing, email marketing and more).
3. How is the cost of lead generation services calculated?
The cost of the lead generation service depends on the goals and complexity of the project and is calculated individually for each client. The price of lead can vary depending on the scope and scale of the business, the presence of competition, the promotion region, the cost of the advertised product and service, the seasonality of demand, and many other factors. Therefore, the final cost of the service is discussed individually with the lead manager.
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