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Website content is a powerful marketing tool. It provides traffic from search engines, keeps users on the site, and convinces them of your expertise and quality of goods or services. Texts help a random user decide to buy a product or order a service.

Therefore, it is important to place only high-quality and well-optimized content that best describes your product and its benefits and answers all user questions. We, the copywriters of Lanet CLICK, write such texts.

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What we do

We create high-quality, unique content on a given topic and with the right tone of voice for publication on the site, on social networks, in the press, for distribution, or affiliate advertising. Depending on the task, it can be a classic selling text, an informational article, or keyword-optimized content.

Our services:


Writing new unique selling texts.


Rewriting existing texts to achieve uniqueness.

Content management

Filling the site with unique expert content (work with the blog and other resource pages).

Creating text for landing

Preparing sales text to advertise a specific product using a landing page.

Translations of texts

We work with such language pairs: Ukrainian-Russian, Russian-Ukrainian, Ukrainian-English, and Russian-English.



(per 1000 characters)

- Ukrainian-Russian – from 70 UAH

- Russian-Ukrainian – from 70 UAH

- Ukrainian-English – from 150 UAH

- Russian-English – from 150 UAH

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High-quality text

Regardless of the language of your text — Russian, Ukrainian, or English, it must meet several requirements. A copywriter writes interesting, readable, and compelling text content based on these requirements. These include the following essential indicators, which are the basis of the checklist for writing text.

Disclosure of the topic

We write texts that will cover the given topic as widely as possible, answering key questions that may arise in the user.


When preparing content, we check it with special tools to avoid copying other people's articles - a unique author's content is more likely to get to the TOP because search engines rate it highly.


We write structured, competent, and easy-to-understand texts so that the reader does not close the page in the middle but reads to the end and performs the target action.

Compliance with search engine requirements

We avoid spam when optimizing texts, and consider basic rules, changes in algorithms, and new search engine filters.

Our approach to working with texts

To prepare texts, we engage an experienced SEO optimizer and a copywriter selected for your project (if you order text creation from scratch without the participation of your optimizer). In the process, specialists are deeply immersed in the client's niche. This approach allows you to create high-quality content.

To achieve the best result, we recommend filling in the brief at the stage of discussing the task. Then we will better understand your goals, desires, and expectations, and you will understand the principle of pricing for copywriting.

Stages of content creation for a website


  • Research a given topic
  • Competitors analysis
  • Defining goals
  • Collection of key queries
  • Forming the structure of the text
  • Writing text
  • Placement and optimization

What is SEO copywriting and why do you need it

SEO copywriting is a field in Internet marketing, the feature of which is the development of commercial texts. To achieve these goals, such content should contain search engine optimization queries. In addition, such content should be helpful and attractive to potential customers.

The main purpose of the selling text is to promote a particular service or product posted on the desired site for Google search queries. If you comply with all the requirements, the customer's web resource will be shown more often to users. It will increase coverage and significantly improve sales and brand awareness.

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SEO text for a website that sells must meet several requirements

Classic SEO texts are created primarily for search engines to get the site into the TOP search results, so they must meet specific technical requirements. However, the purpose of the selling text is to convince the reader to perform the target action. Therefore, modern SEO texts that sell meet the following requirements:


Unique texts, not copied from competitors, inspire the trust of search engines. Unique texts take the first positions in the issue on key queries and attract organic traffic.


SEO texts contain keywords and phrases that match the search queries of users. Thanks to this, the text and the resource where it is placed are successfully promoted in the search results.

The volume of the text

This parameter depends on the number of keywords, topics, and size of competitors' texts and is determined by the SEO specialist.

No over-spam

It means that the content should not contain too many keywords. Otherwise, the resource risks losing its reputation and being blocked. The specialist determines the required keyword density during the creation of the technical task.

Competent design

Specialists create SEO text according to a logical structure. It consists of headings of different levels and bulleted and numbered lists and includes illustrations, videos, or site navigation elements. It allows you to increase the readability of the text and improve the position of the resource in search results.

Topic disclosure

The main task of any quality text is to give users the necessary information. Therefore, we cover the topic as widely as possible, based on the key queries.

In addition to these parameters, there are also purely technical ones – water and nausea. They help the copywriter create text that will rank highly in search engines. SEO specialists determine the text parameters when creating a technical task.

It is difficult to create high-quality and effective content that meets all the requirements – it will take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, it is better to order copywriting from experienced Lanet CLICK digital agency specialists. We provide a wide range of services for clients in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine at an affordable price.

SEO copywriting service includes:

chek-white_50px (2)

writing text using keywords;

chek-white_50px (2)

compliance with the uniqueness and literacy of the text;

chek-white_50px (2)

fulfillment of the conditions of your technical task.

By ordering a unique text for the site, you will receive:

The cost of copywriting in Lanet CLICK is determined per 1000-character text and depends on the complexity of its implementation. Leave a request on the site to clarify the cost of the service and order SEO copywriting.

Services prices

ServiceMedia budget (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
Copywritingfrom 400-
Teaser banner adfrom 8000from 16000
Online reputation managementfrom 15000from 10000
LSI copywriting for a sitefrom 600-
Website usability testingfrom 10000-
Increasing site conversionfrom 10000-
Adding analytics to the site from 5000-
Setting up advertising in price aggregatorsfrom 8000from 20000

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You can also order services


1. What is the difference between copywriting and SEO copywriting?
SEO copywriting is a derivative of copywriting, responsible for optimizing texts placed on websites for search engines, with the addition of semantic load for ordinary users. Its features include relevance only for online placement and orientation to search engines, the presence of HTML markup, and the use of a semantic core. LSI copywriting is a separate direction of copywriting.
2. Who needs copywriting services?
Copywriting is needed absolutely everywhere where advertising texts are needed. It is a great way to promote your site effectively. It is also necessary to place high-quality texts on other third-party platforms as part of a comprehensive advertising strategy. Furthermore, it can be not only corporate sites but also social networks, blogs, media, various well-known portals, and other resources.
3. What does the cost of the text depend on?
The cost of writing a new unique text depends on many factors, including the specificity and complexity of the topic, the required amount of material, the time to complete the task, the number of key phrases, and the need to translate the text into English. To find out the cost of the text for your website, fill out the brief and consult with a specialist.
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