Setting up Google Ads for a pet food manufacturer's online store

How to increase the number of orders from the site by 29% using contextual advertising

Input data


Ukrainian manufacturer of premium and super premium dry food, phytocomplexes, and treats for dogs and cats.

Term of work:

1 month


  • increase the number of transactions;

  • optimize campaigns and launch new ones if necessary.


The types of ad campaigns that were active in Google Ads included Search Advertising, Display Ads, and Performance Max. The advertising campaigns worked well, but it was a challenge to increase the number of transactions.


launch additional campaigns and work on attracting new users.

What was done

We added additional product feeds for use in an additional campaign and launched a standard shopping campaign.

Smart campaigns were launched. After testing, we decided to keep them.

To increase reach on the search network, dynamic search ads were also launched, thanks to which we covered low-frequency queries and increased the probability of showing on the search network.

We structured campaigns based on interests, interested buyers, and special audiences in the Google Display Network. We worked in detail and added remarketing audiences by product categories. Also created more personalized banners for each audience.


The results

In one month of work, we were able to get 29% more transactions at a lower cost.

Also, after the work, the number of visitors to the site increased, and the number of new users increased accordingly.



Thanks to properly configured contextual advertising, you can improve the result and increase the client's income even in a short period of time.

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