Case: SEO promotion
of one-page restaurant site

Increased organic traffic and quantity of conversions from clients from organic search

Output data


premium class restaurant complex in Kyiv


increase organic traffic, quantity of conversions from clients who visited site from organic search, strengthening positions by branding request


it was necessary to promote the site with minimal filling, without creation of alternative language versions. By branding requests of the resource, other sites on different topics are ranging.


  1. get the site to the TOP 1 by branding request
  2. increase reference weight
  3. solving technical problems which stop site from growing
  4. increase traffic from organic search
  5. output of medium-frequency and high-frequency requests in TOP 3 and TOP 10
  6. increase a number of conversions
  7. improve the visibility of site in search engines by keywords
  8. search of new points of growth of the site


  1. realization of promotion strategy (on-page optimization)
  2. writing and placing of optimized texts on site pages
  3. expanding of semantic core by realization of menu on additional pages
  4. attraction additional traffic by creating photo reports of restaurant events
  5. complex internal and external SEO of the site
  6. solving technical problems

Considering that the site is one-paged, we immediately proposed the client to create additional pages for expanding the semantics and achieving additional traffic. We added such chapters: menu, photos of interior and photos of restaurant events which were updated after each «loud» event. Outputted on the site a poster of events with detailed description as well.

Work stages

solving of technical problems which complicate the indexation of the site and interpretation of its content by search engine

creating of semantic core

on-page optimization of meta tags

sending to indexation the site map

creating technical assignment for text writing for main page by our copywriters and further adding text to the site

increasing reference weight:

- writing and placing press releases on authoritative thematic traffic resources with high DR and high trust rate

- placing crowd links


outputting current requests on leaders' positions in Google search results

considerable increase of organic traffic and conversions

increasing of number of phrases in search results in TOP 3 and TOP 10

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