SEO-optimization for the manufacturer
of POS-terminal of new generation 3 in 1

Made a «moving» of the site, brought it in ranging to the TOP of search results

Output data

Project topic: manufacturer of POS-terminal, which is a 3 in 1 device: programmatic registrar of settlement transactions + POS-terminal + cash register

Terms of work: 3 months

Budget: 15000 UAH

Type of service: complex SEO-promotion, which includes internal and external SEO-optimization of the site, regular administration and filling pages with content, forming technical assignments and recommendations, monthly analytics in a form of report


setting of redirects (gluing);

ranging the site to the TOP of search results;

complex internal and external SEO-optimization of site;

attracting quality traffic to the site.

Problems at the start:

  • technical problems on the site;
  • low organic traffic;
  • a small number of key queries;
  • unformed site map;
  • not settled redirects;
  • absence of Google Analytics;
  • absence of meta tags on pages


Setting of redirects, complex internal and external SEO-optimization of site.

What was done

We conducted a superficial SEO-audit of the site and basing on the obtained data formed a promotion strategy and action plan

We formed a map of redirects and configured them page by page

We set up a personal e-office

We plugged Google Analytics to new site

We moved to internal and external SEO-optimization of the site

Internal optimization

  • formed technical assignment for correction of the technical problems on the site
  • formed technical assignment for improvement in usability of the site
  • formed and clustered semantic core
  • carried out page-by-page on-page optimization;
  • wrote and placed texts
  • formed widen structure of the site
  • created new landing pages, optimized them and filled with content
  • formed site map
  • optimized content placed on the site
  • formed and realized technical assignment for FAQ blocks
  • formed technical assignment for the Russian version of the site

External optimization

  • wrote and placed press-releases on external authoritative theme resources
  • placed crowd-links on forums and sites with good domain-rating
  • carried out works on optimization of behavioral factors and strengthening of placed links by referral transitions to the site
  • collected grounds for external links and press-releases


Achievements in three months


increase of organic traffic +61.81%


increase of conversions +57.53%

As a result of a successful complex of actions, implemented map of redirects and written meta-tags in search results by request «smart kasa» the website got the first position and the website — the third.

Dynamics of positions in Google search results

At the beginning of the collaboration, the ranking indicators were as follows (see screenshot):

As of September 15, 2021, indicators of key requests from the Serpstat service:

TOP 1 — 27 key requests

TOP 3 — 28 key requests

TOP 5 — 33 key requests

TOP 10 — 78 key requests


Thanks to provided SEO-audit on the start, we could competently setted the map of redirects by «moving» site and with little budget provide external and internal SEO-optimization, increase a number of quality traffic to the site thus achieving weighty results during three months of working on the project.

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