How to increase website traffic
to 150%

CLIENT: distributor of telecommunication and television equipment of leading world brands.

OBJECTIVE: to increase organic traffic in product categories and increase the number of leads.

TIMING: 3 months.

TEAM: project manager, SEO specialist, copywriter, editor.

SOLUTIONS: the site's comprehensive internal and external SEO and marked product categories.

To begin with, we conducted a superficial SEO audit of the site, and based on the data, we formed a promotion strategy and action plan, with timing and intermediate results.

Internal site

  • we have formed the semantic core of the site;
  • conducted on-page optimization in 23 specified categories and subcategories;
  • wrote and posted texts for each of these categories;
  • optimized the structure of the site;
  • optimized texts, metatags and section titles according to search requests.

External site

  • wrote and published press releases on authoritative thematic resources with a high domain rating;
  • posted crowd links (in reviews and recommendations);
  • worked with Google reviews.


Thanks to SEO, we managed to increase traffic on the site from 20% to 150% (depending on the competition of keywords).

Dynamics of Google issuance positions:

TOP-30: +50%;


TOP-3: +3%.

Results for 3 months of work:


the growth of organic traffic by 46.30%;


increase in the number of conversions by 16.33%.


The growth of organic traffic


The growth of conversion

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