Advertising on TikTok

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The social network TikTok has rapidly conquered the whole world. Now it is used by millions of people and not only teenagers but also a solvent audience. Many people visit this social network every day, watching dozens of videos.

It means that advertising on TikTok is an effective promotion tool.

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What will be the result of advertising on TikTok

The features of the TikTok social network are the entertaining format of short videos, high-speed content distribution, a large audience of different age groups, and precise settings of targeted advertising. Also, the social network already has many tools for creating promotional videos.

Within the service provided by our agency, specialists create an advertising cabinet, set a retargeting pixel on your site, and configure targeted advertising on TikTok.

On TikTok, you can set the following goals for the advertising campaign:

With high-quality creativity and competent targeting settings on TikTok, you reach many people in the shortest possible time, promote brand awareness, and attract attention to your product.

How to order advertising

To order an advertising service on TikTok, call or write to us, or leave a request for a call back on the site. Our manager will tell you about the features of the service, terms of cooperation and tariff plans.

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The cost of advertising on TikTok

There are several types of advertising on TikTok.

Advertising running through TikTok Ads:

In-feed Native Video — advertising that pops up in the feed, videos of 5-60 seconds with a call to action, and a link to the site or mobile application.


Launched through the application manager:

  • Brand Takeover — a full-screen banner that the user sees when logging in to the application: 3-second video or picture;

  • Hashtag Challenge — a banner in the search section with a branded hashtag for a challenge;

  • Branded effects;

  • TopView — video up to 60 seconds with a full-screen banner when logging in to the application.

To calculate the cost of advertising on TikTok, you must first determine the type of promotion on TikTok. If we talk about advertising on TikTok Ads, the minimum budget for an advertising campaign is $ 50, and for an ad group — $ 20. There are several payment models: for clicks, optimized clicks, impressions, and views.

Services prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
Targeted advertising on Facebookfrom 6000from 16000
Targeted advertising on Instagram from 6000from 16000
Setting up LinkedIn advertising from 8000from 20000
Lead generation from 6000from 16000

Who should advertise on TikTok

TikTok advertising is a brand promotion without direct incentives to buy, so it may not suit all companies. From experience, this social network is optimal for brand promotion in the following areas:

Retail. Unlike in the USA, not many companies in Ukraine are active on this social network. The competition is still low, and there is every chance to go into the trend with popular videos and quickly form a loyal audience. It is especially important for small and medium-sized businesses.

Services. In addition to videos of cats and dogs, videos with female life hacks are equally popular on the social network TikTok, so videos with beauty services for women receive a lot of attention.

Experts. TikTok is an ideal platform for promoting a personal brand in any field of activity if you know how to summarize ideas and have mastered the art of creating short and bright videos.

Benefits of TikTok advertising

Consider the key features and benefits of advertising on this social network.

Recommendations on TikTok work according to an algorithm that ensures that exactly those videos that meet the user's interests fall into the category. Thus, the chances of getting to the target audience increase.

Easy to set up advertising and targeting. Unlike other social networks, Tik Tok requires fewer data to fill out forms. At the same time, the effectiveness of advertising is no less high, and in some cases, TikTok becomes the key tool for promotion.

A "smart tape" of recommendations that learns very quickly. Developers regularly improve the algorithm, thus providing more opportunities for both users and advertisers.

Easy to make creatives for advertising. TikTok provides the ability to collect video from template images using the video editor TikTok Ads. You can also shoot your video and overlay text. This option is ideal for brands but requires a professional approach.

Why do you have to order a service in Lanet CLICK

Advertising on TikTok is becoming more and more popular, but in Ukraine, there are not so many specialists who have already mastered this niche. Lanet CLICK is one of the first digital agencies to launch this service.

The competition is still low, and the market price of advertising on TikTok is in the process of formation, so now you can order this service at the best price. In the digital agency Lanet CLICK, you can order advertising at TikTok as a separate service or as part of a comprehensive package of services for SMM promotion.

We offer transparent collaboration, with regular reports on targeted advertising budgets and results.

Lanet CLICK employs leading SMM specialists — professionals who are constantly evolving in their field, follow trends, and are not afraid to take on challenges when working on complex projects. With us, you will have a confident start on TikTok!

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Поширені питання

1. Who needs advertising on TikTok?
Targeted advertising on TikTok will be a great solution for businesses whose target audience is adult users. The main part of the audience is active users aged 25 to 34. Among the advantages are low competition, a new audience, a high level of user engagement, and flexibility in setting up TikTok Ads.
2. How does TikTok advertising work?
Promotion on TikTok is highly effective. The user scrolls the feed and periodically comes across advertising posts - videos lasting from 5 to 60 seconds. To achieve the desired effect, you should place a link to a mobile application or site and add a call to action. It is important to use creativity that can interest the viewer from the first seconds. There are several ways to create a video: collect it from images based on templates, use the TikTok Ads video editor, or shoot your video and overlay text 720x1080.
3. What determines the cost of advertising on TikTok?
Advertising costs depend on the type of promotion on TikTok. If we talk about advertising on TikTok Ads, the minimum budget for an ad campaign is $50, and for an ad group, it is $20. At the same time, there are several payment models: for clicks, optimized clicks, impressions, and views. It is worth noting that promotion on TikTok will cost less than advertising on Instagram or YouTube.
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