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Web analytics (з англійської "Web analytics") - is the measurement, collection, analysis, and organization of web data reports to understand and optimize web resources.

Web analytics allows you to understand how many visitors are in the web resource and which pages they are viewing. This information helps assess traffic trends and content popularity and optimize the budget.

Web analytics can be used to evaluate and improve website effectiveness and as a tool for researching business and the market in general.

Web analytics services allow companies to measure the results of traditional print or broadcast advertising campaigns. It helps you evaluate how traffic to your site changes after launching a new ad campaign.

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History of world web analytics

Origin began in 1990, with the advent of HTTP protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), making it possible to record user-server interactions in log files (a log is a file with records of events in chronological order).

Each time the network user called the HTML element (basic structural page unit), a hit line was added to the log file.

Over time, owners of web resources began to receive «tons» of hits, and log files have increased too much in size. A system for analyzing such data was needed.

In 1995, the first free log file analysis system was created and called Analog. Thus began the era of web analytics. Subsequently, the process was commercialized, and analytics could be done not only by programmers but also by marketing specialists.

In 2004, the American Web Analytics Association (WAA) was founded, now known as the Digital Analytics Association. There was also a new method of collecting data on page visits — JavaScript tags.

In 2005, Google created the web analytics service Google Analytics. As a result, it became possible to analyze the behavior of visitors on web resources: counters, click cards, recorded conversions, and scrolling.

In 2012, Google Analytics for mobile applications was launched, collecting analytics via SDK («software development kit») for Android and iOS.

Machine learning and cognitive computing are at the heart of modern web analytics development, and analytics providers continue to create innovations in this area.

The profession of web analyst is similar to the work of a pathfinder. Such a specialist can digitally find out who was on the site and what he did.

Web analytics tasks:

With the help of statistics, you can

Common business mistakes:

There is no website analytics system, or it is misconfigured.
No employees know how to provide the website audit and make conclusions.
Web analysis is provided very rarely.

Most of all, web analytics processes are reduced to the following stages:

Data collection.
Data processing into information (metrics).

KPI development. At this stage, the focus is on ratios and their implementation in business strategies, and it is called key performance indicators (KPIs).
Online strategy formation. This stage deals with online goals, objectives and standards for the company/business.

Experiments and testing (A/B testing).

There are such web analytics methods:

Resource's traffic analysis.
Site's usability diagnosis.

Studying user's behavior.
Benchmarking (reference testing, comparison with trends and competitors).

Through analytics (ROMI method, based on various data, the full path of the visitor, from viewing ads to purchases).

Web analytics categories

On-site web analytics

Measuring potential audience, site's capabilities.

Off-site web analytics

Analyzing visitors' behavior on your site.

Important indicators of web analytics:

Average page depth

This is the number of web pages viewed by the user at a time.

Page time viewed

It considers when the visitor performed some actions on the site and visited different pages.

Bounce rate

Analyzes how quickly the user left the site (refused to continue viewing pages).


The ratio of the total number of visits to the number of visits the user performed a certain action (purchase, call, filling in a lead form).

Achieving goals

These are specific actions of resource users that are of business interest.

Services prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
Web analytics of a sitefrom 5000-
Teaser advertisementfrom 6000from 16000
Working with the reputation of a sitefrom 15000from 10000
Writing articles to order from 400-
LSI texts for SEOfrom 600-
Usability audit (UX) from 10000-
Improvement of an online store conversionfrom 10000-
Commercial advertising in price aggregatorsfrom 8000from 20000

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1. Why do you need web analytics tracking?
Site tracking is necessary for site optimization and improvement. The collection and detailed analysis of data about site visitors and information about the pages they viewed allows you to identify the weak points of the promoted resource, learn about the audience's needs, and determine the main tasks of the site. It will also allow you to develop an optimal strategy to improve its effectiveness and evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing tools used during the campaign (contextual advertising, SEO promotion, etc.).
2. What is included in the web analytics setup services?
The service of setting up web analytics systems includes performing the following works: studying the business, defining the goals and objectives of the site, setting KPIs, creating and configuring accounts in data collection systems, as well as installing a tracking code on the site, collecting data about the agreed target actions of users (for example, it can be the registration of a new user on the site, making a purchase or ordering a callback), and analysis of the received information. Based on the received data, our specialists will provide recommendations for further actions to improve the efficiency of your resource.
3. How is the cost of the web analytics setup service calculated?
The final cost of the service depends on the amount of work performed and the hours spent by our specialists. Setting up web analytics is performed according to specific business requirements and can include a different range of tasks depending on the individual needs of the client. To find out the approximate cost of the service for your business, leave a request on the website to get a consultation from a specialist.
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