Website usability audit

Most web projects are created for profit, so how satisfied the user will be and how quickly he will find the answer to his question and leave the site becomes a top priority. Adherence to the basic usability principles will help you achieve the desired results.

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What is website usability

Website usability is the level of comfort of working with a web resource. Usability depends on how easily the user finds the information he searched for on the site and performs targeted action.

You can determine usability through specific behavioral factors:

Time spent on site

The longer a person stays on the site, the higher the quality of the content. Search engines give such resources higher positions in the search results.

Pages per visit

The number of pages opened by the user during one visit to the site.

Bounce rate

Visitors who just opened the site page and soon closed it.

Returning visitors

Users who have visited the resource more than once in a certain period.

To understand how convenient it is for the user to interact with the resource, it is necessary to audit the site for usability. The usability test is a test of the site for convenience. It helps identify navigation, design, interface elements, and textual and visual content shortcomings.

Why do you need
a website usability audit

Website usability audit allows you to solve such problems:

  • Reduce bounce rate by improving site usability.
  • Improve and optimize the resource interface.
  • Increase conversion rate.
  • Better understand the needs of users by tracking their interaction with the resource.
  • Determine how convenient and user-friendly the product is.

At the same time, usability is very closely related to SEO. After all, a high level of usability implies fast loading of pages, availability of all necessary contacts, multi-browser capability, and no broken links. If users do not leave the resource, SEO promotion becomes more effective.

Usability of site testing is desirable to start at the beginning of the site. But in general, you can do it at any stage of work. For example, if you have already finished working on the site, but the key indicators are far from those in the KPI, you should pay attention to usability.

Before proceeding directly to testing, it is necessary to determine its purpose. Imagine that you have changed the order form page, and now the conversion rate has dropped. In this case, your goal is to determine why the redesign of the form has reduced the conversion rate. After defining the purpose, you can begin to create hypotheses that will be confirmed or refuted during the test.


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What does the service of UX analysis of the website include

The standard set of UX analysis of the site includes the following stages:

Analysis of user behavior based on data from analytics systems.

Expert evaluation of the website.

Development of hypotheses to improve site ergonomics.

Prioritization and implementation of changes.

How much does a website usability audit cost

The cost of a site usability audit depends on many factors, including how thorough and detailed the usability analysis should be. The subject of the project or business niche also affects the price. You can find out the exact cost of the UX audit of the site only after communication with experts. They will gather all the necessary information, evaluate the scope of work, and provide you with a detailed report.

Services prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
Site usability auditfrom 10000-
Running teaser adsfrom 6000from 16000
Analysis of reviews on the Internetfrom 15000from 10000
Writing SEO texts from 400-
LSI textsfrom 600-
Site conversion rate optimizationfrom 10000-
Google Analytics settingsfrom 5000-
Placing of advertisements in price aggregatorsfrom 8000from 16000

How to order a website usability audit

A convenient Internet resource is the basis of effective marketing and a profit channel. And usability audit will help identify weaknesses that negatively affect the user experience.

Lanet CLICK, a full-cycle digital agency, brings together specialists with experience in analyzing the usability of sites on various topics, identifying their problems and offering effective solutions. Lanet CLICK will help you improve the behavioral indicators of your resource, and its convenience and attractiveness in general. To order a UX analysis, fill out the feedback form or call the number listed on the website.

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