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In today's world of high competition and a wealth of information on the World Wide Web, promoting your site from scratch is difficult and time-consuming. You may have a great online store with well-thought-out functionality and interface design, but users may never know it exists. Advertising will come to your rescue. Today, the share of teaser advertising in the market is over 67% of all advertisements. Let's look at this type of advertising in more detail.

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What is teaser advertising?

Let's consider the etymology of the term. What is a teaser? The name comes from the word tease, so these advertisements encourage the audience to click on a picture, video, and enticing text as soon as possible. Each of us is a curious person who seeks new information every day. You may not have planned to watch the video where the girl does face contouring with a knife, but you have already clicked on this picture and went to the advertised site.

In other words, teaser advertising is a banal clickbait.

Contextual and teaser advertising should not be confused

teaser ad

Contextual advertising is a paid way of promotion with Google search tools. It can be launched only with the help of an advertising cabinet in Ads Manager.
Teaser advertising in Google is possible only with the help of an appropriate text creative, as it is moderated and must meet the standards of advertising in Google.
The same can be said about teaser advertising on Instagram and other teaser advertising in social networks.
Clickbait photos, videos, and animations will not be moderated because it is a forbidden reception for advertising on social networks in 2020. It is worth working hard and developing a creative that will be moderated, for example, on Instagram. Or you can use unofficial advertising from bloggers — pay for the placement of your teaser ads in their profiles.

For today, teaser ads aim to:

placement of teaser ads

Increasing traffic to your site

Ability to inform TA about your product

Ensuring direct sales

Increasing your brand awareness

Gathering a new customer base

Achieving all these goals is possible only with the detailed planning of marketing activities, the generation of unique and relevant teasers, and the correct setting of teaser advertising.

Types of teaser advertising

1 teaser banner advertising

2 teaser outdoor advertising

3 teaser mailing

4 teaser pop-ups

5 announcements, trailers about entering the market of a new product/service

6 other teaser advertising on the Internet

To make teaser advertising effective for your site, you need to follow the steps below:


Think about your advertising slogan and offer


Wrap your offer in a motivational cover to stimulate click on the link/image/video


Add a provocative element


Use a slogan that sells, in other words, a message (call to action)

As a rule, as a provocation in teaser advertising, use an animated or graphic element that demonstrates the result of the product, service, etc. The accompanying advertising text should be short and extremely simple and contain a call to follow the suggested link.

Here are some intriguing phrases you can use to create a teaser ad on Google:

learn the whole truth about…;
a simple tool will help you…;
surprisingly, she was helped by the usual…;
simple grandmother's method…;
the revolutionary gel formula will help…


How to set up teaser advertising?

As with any advertising campaign, it is necessary to follow the order of implementation and placement of teaser advertising:

1. Writing a clear and concise technical task.

2. Selection of performers (pay attention to reviews).

3. Production of creative media and writing interesting texts.

4. Selection of thematic sites for advertising.

5. Obtaining advertising results, evaluating its effectiveness, and optimization.

As a rule, teaser networks are the key platforms for placing teaser advertising.

They are intermediaries between advertisers and web specialists who place teaser ads on relevant sites. In other words, teaser ad networks are a kind of exchange that cooperates for a percentage with many programmers. You can buy teaser advertising for the site with payment for ad impressions or clicks. As a rule, due to the large size of the target audience, the cost of teaser advertising is low.

There are countless teaser networks, but choosing an effective white teaser network is not easy.

How to choose the best teaser network for your ad?

  1. Check the restrictions on the advertised products and advertising formats on this network.
  2. Compare targeting and declared minimum bids.
  3. View information about the target audience of the teaser network and find out how the division of interests, age, and geolocation works.
  4. Read advertisers' reviews of the network.

Today, advertisers most often order advertising in the following teaser networks:

  • MarketGid;
  • Kadam,
  • Oblivki,
  • Directadvert.

It is easy to buy teaser advertising. Just a few simple steps (read above) and a small budget are enough to attract thousands of new customers to your site!

What is the cost of teaser advertising? What is the cost-per-click and display of the ad?

Cost Per Thousand (СРМ). 1000 показів.
1000 ad impressions. It is the unit of payment. In other words, you pay for thousands of users who see your ad.

Cost Per Click (CPC).
This payment method is more profitable for advertisers because you pay only for those who clicked on your ad, not just viewed.

Having decided on the payment metrics, you can easily place teaser advertising on the site using the teaser network or order teaser advertising in Kyiv. In the second case, professionals will take over. They will do everything from creative development to launching advertising, and the result will not wait.

Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of teaser advertising



For the perfect teaser ad, you need:

To come up with and find an illustration, and preferably an animation that attracts attention (before and after, images of cheap products, shock images, etc.).

In addition, you need to create a headline that will interest your target audience

A target text that will affect the user's most painful points.

It is important to choose a reliable teaser network, make the correct settings, and set the optimal budget. This approach will surely bring you the desired result.

Services prices

ServiceAgency fee (UAH)Media budget (UAH)
Teaser advertisementfrom 6000from 16000
SERM servicesfrom 15000from 10000
Copywriter services from 400-
LSI copywriting to order from 600-
Site usability audit from 10000-
Conversion Rate Optimization for a sitefrom 10000
Website analytics settingsfrom 5000-
Advertising in price aggregatorsfrom 8000from 20000

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1. What is included in the teaser ad launch service?
The service of teaser advertising in our agency includes the creation of technical tasks for all performers; preparation of text and graphic creatives; search and comparison of thematic platforms for placement by targeting, restrictions, feedback; results analysis; efficiency assessment; further optimization. Contact our experts to learn more about this service!
2. What does a teaser ad look like?
A teaser ad is a banner that consists of an image, photo, or GIF with a short intriguing or provocative text and a link. After clicking on the link, the user gets to the advertiser's website. In general, teaser advertising is suitable for consumer products. Order a consultation to find out more about this type of advertising.
3. For what purposes is teaser advertising suitable?
Teaser advertising allows you to increase traffic to the site, inform the target audience about your product, ensure direct sales, increase brand recognition, and also gather a new customer base. It can be used both separately and with contextual and media advertising. Order a consultation to learn more!
4. How does the teaser network work?
A teaser network is a kind of exchange where an advertiser buys teaser ads with pay-per-click or impressions. Advertisements are placed on relevant sites. With a large audience, the cost of such advertising is quite low, and it is one of its advantages. Order an individual consultation from our specialists to find out more!
5. How much does advertising in teaser networks cost?
The cost of teaser advertising depends on the chosen payment model - for 1000 impressions or per click. The second option is more profitable because, in this case, you pay for those who clicked on the ad and visited the site and not just viewed the ad. The budget depends on the scale and terms of the advertising campaign. Order a consultation with our specialist to learn more about the service! We also recommend ordering an audit of contextual advertising so as not to waste your budget.
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