Setting up Google Ads advertising
for an Internet service provider

How to increase the number of conversions by 90% while reducing their cost by more than one and a half times

Income data


Internet provider.


low season for connections.


develop a comprehensive promotion strategy;

increase the number of applications.

What we did

We developed a strategy that consisted of a profitable promotional offer, bright design, and short viral slogans.

We updated the advertising in the search network and worked out the message in the ads, which was as attractive as possible for a potential subscriber.

We have created smart search campaigns as well as campaigns with the maximum effectiveness of Performance Max.

We created campaigns on the display network for different audience segments.

We divided the funds between campaigns that are clearly aimed at attracting customers and those that work to raise brand awareness.

Budgets were increased gradually (no higher than 20% per week).


After a comprehensive to work through the campaigns, we saw positive dynamics:

  • traffic became cheaper and of better quality;
  • number of conversions increased by 90.38%;
  • conversion cost decreased by 72.34%.


How successfully contextual advertising can work depends not only on a professionally configured account but also on a comprehensive approach to promotion, including marketing strategy, concept, virality, etc. We recommend experimenting with new types of campaigns, bidding strategies, ad texts, and images and don't be afraid to optimize your existing campaigns according to the latest recommendations from Google.

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