Crowd marketing

Crowd marketing is a method of promotion that involves a set of measures aimed at increasing product sales based on the recommendations arising from the advertising of a site or brand on the Internet.


Why do you need crowd marketing

Crowd marketing (called guerrilla marketing) includes brief veiled recommendations about helpful resources that are commercial, «respected users» — experts.

One of the main goals of crowd marketing is to manage the recommendations and feedback from network users to lead to increased sales. In addition, crowd marketing can affect the brand image and increase site traffic and its position in search results.

How does crowd marketing work

Using a typical «bombardment» through the media and posting brand information on Facebook and Instagram may not always help you achieve the desired result. The main difference between crowd marketing and traditional SEO, SMM, and PR is that information must be transmitted and posted softly. In general, experts target the recommendation for those users who want to buy a particular product. They need just a little push to buy, and the best way to do that is to give them an expert opinion and a link to the site and show the product in all its glory.


Goals and objectives of crowd marketing:

  • Bringing a brand, company, and product to the TOP queries in search engines.
  • Target lead generation (lead is a potential customer).
  • Attracting a new audience and getting feedback from it.
  • Communication with potential customers.
  • Formation of a positive image.
  • Increasing the mass of company profile links using crowd marketing as SEO promotion of the site.

Crowd marketing procedure:

1 A brand that seeks to increase sales of a particular product registers several accounts on social networks and competent sites associated with the segment.

2 The company uses accounts to work as an expert, giving users practical and helpful tips on platforms (forums, blogs, feedback sites). At the same time, the expert advertises the product covertly, leaving a link in the comment or mentioning the product or service, slightly pushing the buyer to the selection process or the need to study the issue in more detail. The company publishes recommendations on the site from which it will make sales directly.
3 As a result, if you do everything right and the advice is sound, the audience will act according to the developed plan: publish links on other sites, and ensure communication in the comments. The user who encountered the problem will know where to find a solution.

Crowd marketing strategies:


About crowd links

Marketers need links to meet search engine requirements. Crowd marketing is a safe way to get natural links and make your brand recognizable.


Where to post crowd links:

  • on social networks;
  • on news portals;
  • in online magazines;
  • in question-and-answer services;;
  • in blogs.
Many are interested in the price of a crowd link. It depends on many factors. Such links to the site you can order/buy from professionals. Links are conditionally eternal, so you pay once. The price is affordable.

Who should not use crowd marketing and why

  • Regional projects. Postcards or a page on a social network will be suitable for promoting a cafe in a small town.
  • B2B companies. For companies that sell specialized, expensive, or premium products. It is pointless to order crowd marketing for a metallurgical machine. In this case, the client in his choice will consider not the comments but the characteristics and benefits.
  • To advertise rarely used services: shoe repair, key making, tow trucks, etc.

What to expect from crowd marketing

One of the main conditions for success is a well-thought-out strategy and a comprehensive approach. Therefore, it is best to order crowd marketing services from specialists. The main condition for obtaining results is time. A full-fledged campaign and a good result will take about 3-4 months. What matters is the number of crowd links and comments per month. If competitors in your niche fill the forums with hundreds of posts, a few comments will not affect the situation.

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1. Who is crowd marketing suitable for?
Crowd marketing is suitable for anyone who needs to build up a link mass to promote a site on the Internet or who wants to increase brand or company awareness: startups, online stores, advertising agencies, real estate agencies, PR specialists, and marketers. Leave a request for an individual consultation to find out the cost of the service.
2. What is included in the crowd marketing service?
The crowd marketing service includes searching for a platform, discussion, or article suitable for your topic, writing a unique text, for which copywriting specialists are involved, and publishing the text on the selected site. Order an individual consultation or call back to find out more!
3. What are the benefits of crowd marketing for the website?
Crowd marketing is one of the key components of link building. It allows you to increase the link mass without the risk of being sanctioned by search engines, helps to bring the site to the top of the search results, and also allows you to increase brand or company awareness. Leave a request for a consultation or order a call back to find out more!
4. Why is it important to regularly work with the mass of the site?
For search engines, the regular appearance of organic links means that people are talking about the resource, that is, it is reliable and actively developing, and it should be raised in the search results. In other words, it affects the effectiveness of the website promotion for requests from the semantic core. Leave a request to find out more about the service!
5. What are the criteria for selecting donor sites?
The key parameters we pay attention to when searching for donor sites are the resource authority, the subject of the site, authorship, and the ability to design links in the required format. If necessary, we perform a superficial SEO audit of the selected site. Leave a request for an individual consultation to learn more about the service.
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